Why is it so hard to write a bio?  I don't want to get too fancy, so I'll stick with the basics. 

My passion for photography started after my second son was born.  Capturing love is what I strive for.  There is something about how a child's laughter can light up their parents eyes, the silent whispers between loved ones when looking at one another and all those in between moments when my clients don't know I am taking photographs...those end up being the best moments.  I am 100% self-taught and my craft has evolved and grown over the years.  I would describe my style as a bit moody...I love capturing the colors right as the sun is setting.  I love all the light the sun brings and how it plays off of nature and my subjects.  Those two things combined....is perfection. 

My husband and I have been married for over 12 years and we have two boys together.  I am a bit of cold brew coffee addict and love my rescued pitbulls (I hope to own a pit bull farm...cue the eye rolls from my husband). We travel to Glamis religiously and love raising our boys with the appreciation that hard work pays off.  My life is crazy and I'm constantly on the go, but I wouldn't change a thing!

I look forward to meeting you and capturing something amazing together!